The Flowering Body

The Flowering Body

a yoga journey

Tend your inner soil, find your roots, awaken your shoots and unfurl your unique blessings into the world.

Unhealed injuries, health issues, joint compression, chronic pain? Do you experience repetitive harmful mental patterns? Do postural habits keep you constricted? Are you bored, numb, stagnant, fatigued?

Deep dive through the landscape of your body to discover tools for self empowered healing and awakening. Unravel layers of tension, renew habits of a life time and activate your body’s primordial power.

Meet the profound teacher that is your body.

Assimilate its messages for evolution & growth.

Address the structural imbalances at the root of ill health.

Unlock the powerful life force bound within tension.

Enhance clarity, health & vitality.

Unfurl your creative potential.

The Flowering Body

12-week Ritualistic Yoga Journey

The Flowering Body is a journey of evolution and growth, it is a portal through which you surrender to the innate wisdom of your body and emerge renewed.

You will learn asana (postures) and pranayama (breath work) during 12 weeks of private classes. 

You will address misalignment in the skeletal structure, unravel bodily tension and introduce new movement to replenish and heal the physical body.

At four points throughout the journey you will meet in circle with other participants to share, deepen and celebrate your experiences. In circle we will sing Sanskrit invocations to four aspects of the feminine: Kali, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

The Flowering Body journey is divided into four phases of the life cycle; root, shoot, flower and fruit. 

Please read each phase to gain insight into what you may experience as you move through the 12-week process.
During each phase there is the opportunity to work with four hand crafted flower essences to further your flowering potential.


You Receive:

12 weekly private yoga classes (75 minutes)

4 group ritual circles (90 minutes)

+ Weekly Email Inspiration

Savasana recordings to ground & settle

Private practice videos to ignite & inspire

Extracts from my own journey to mirror & reflect 

+ Bonus Features

4 hand crafted flower essences (optional)

Flowering journal

Custom yoga wear

Emergent Price


One-time Payment

(price available for first cycle only)

Payment Plan


For Three Months

(price available for first cycle only)

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