Scaravelli-Inspired Yoga requires we re-learn curiosity and approach our bodies with the intention to play, without coercion or force.

When you first start to practice the body may feel like a dense forest. As you find a new range of movement you build new neural pathways in the mind. Every time you practice, you reinforce those pathways and each one represents the emergence of a new possibility, action or thought. 

Your mind and body are refreshed.

That sense of freshness sparks creativity and playfulness. When we confront bodily pain, tightness or stagnation from this childlike vantage point we move beyond notions of right and wrong, seeking instead, a sense of aliveness. 

In the second phase of our journey, you rediscover play. We go deep into the basic asanas feeling different sensations in the body and exploring new possibilities for movement. Our practice becomes a creative act. 

You are encouraged to make a manageable commitment to your home practice. There is an emphasis on questioning, with compassion, your habits or resistance. In circle we share our emerging process, lending support and inspiration to the group. 

Together we will learn the seed mantra and invocation for Durga, for protection and powerful motivation to help us persist towards our flowering.