We begin this 12-week journey by exploring our core motivations. What drew you to this practice? What do you seek? During group circle you have the opportunity to share and clarify your intentions. How do you want to be with yourself and who do you want to be in the world? Here we lay our seeds of intention into the fertile soil of a bourgeoning new awareness.

This Yoga requires patience and tolerance as we meet the resistance we find in our body with compassion. Coming to class and developing a regular home practice reinforces a commitment toward integrating your spiritual ideals into the physical body. The fruits of your actions then find greater alignment with your deeper intentions. 

My role is to guide you into a new conversation with your body.

At first we focus on identifying postural habits, the root cause of pain, discomfort and stagnation. Postural habits arise from a lost sense of our gravitational interaction with the Earth. By making subtle, gentle adjustments that bring your spine into greater alignment you will feel a heightened sense of connection to the ground beneath you. 

In group circle we will learn the seed mantra and invocation of Kali, raising our voices together to honour what we intend to let die within us. As Allan Watts reminds;

‘There is nothing more creative than death.’

From a renewed connection to your body and the Earth underfoot, you begin to unfurl like a fresh shoot, spontaneously drawn towards growth.