The Rishis of ancient India used Yoga as a means for discovering the inherent unity of all things. As we practice Yoga we begin to feel this unity in our bodies. 

Our practice becomes the sacred vessel from which we daily drink a primordial wisdom of connection and peace. 

As our external cultural systems become increasingly destabilised we are offered an opportunity to find safety, freedom and resilience from within our own beings. For as Micheal Meade, a teacher of this initiatory process reminds us;

‘If there is no change at the level of the individual soul, there will be no change at the level of collective society.’

This journey is designed to facilitate change at the level of the individual soul. As you embody your ideals you inspire creative innovation within your life and your wider community.

During this final phase of the journey you are asked to reflect on the fruits of your practice. Have you experienced change? How does this change benefit you and the world around you? What wisdom is ripening within you?

We join together in circle for a closing ritual. Along with sharing your insights, you feel into the seeds within those fruits and set intentions for your next growth cycle. We learn the seed mantra and invocation for Saraswati, offering gratitude for an abundant harvest of wisdom with a prayer for our integration and enduring transformation.