A willingness to regularly explore resistance within your body leads to a flowering.

By flowering, I speak of a spontaneous blossoming, opening or realisation process that occurs naturally as a result of practice. The flowers, representing embodied wisdom and insight, are an authentic expression of your growing awareness, they emerge as your body opens.

Regular practice leads to integration as the mind is merged with the body through concentration. Integration creates a growing sense of clarity, harmony and peace. As we unwind internal conflict and make whole the fragmented parts of ourselves, we uncover a growing authenticity.This authenticity is unique to the individual yet intrinsically connected to all of life through our shared evolutionary origins. 

During practice we play with spiralling movement patterns which replenish connective tissue enhancing the dexterity, adaptability and health of your skeletal structure. Spirals are a biomorphic expression, present throughout the natural world, a remembrance of our oceanic past. As we awaken these movements, Emiliee Conrad, founder of Continuum Movement states

‘We begin to dissolve our exclusive biped tendencies and we begin to join the flux of life.’

In this phase of our journey we explore authenticity. You are asked to reflect on your expression in the world. Do you express authentically? What blocks your authenticity? Where do you feel most authentic? 

Together we will learn the seed mantra and invocation for Lakshmi to aid us in our search for authentic beauty and for a prosperous harvest from our practice.