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These four phases provide the framework for The Flowering Body journey. They give insight into what you may experience as you move through the 12-week process. 




Episode 1: Authenticity, spiritual integration & inner authority

The Flowering Body Podcast (Season 1, Episode 1) Why do we practice yoga? Why is this ancient art relevant to our current cultural crisis? Caroline speaks about integrating spirituality into...

Fruit: Harvesting the Wisdom

The Rishis of ancient India used Yoga as a means for discovering the inherent unity of all things. As we practice Yoga we begin to feel this unity in our...

Flower: Authentic Expression

A willingness to regularly explore resistance within your body leads to a flowering. By flowering, I speak of a spontaneous blossoming, opening or realisation process that occurs naturally as a...

Shoot: Emergence

Scaravelli-Inspired Yoga requires we re-learn curiosity and approach our bodies with the intention to play, without coercion or force. When you first start to practice the body may feel like...

Root: Foundations

We begin this 12-week journey by exploring our core motivations. What drew you to this practice? What do you seek? During group circle you have the opportunity to share and...