About Isobel

Hi, I'm Isobel!

I am excited to join you on this journey of body unfurling, let me share with you how I got here. 

From a young age I exhibited the traits of ‘a chronic over do-er’. At 8 years old I represented England in Sports Aerobics, at 10 I won Gold. I competed nationally in gymnastics, athletics and netball. My entire childhood and teenage years were dedicated to rigorous training, the desire to compete and the need to win. 

Into young adulthood I funnelled that energy into a wild seven years of hedonism, showing complete disregard for the limits of my body. I was intimate with chronic illness; tonsillitis, adrenal fatigue, body pain, anxiety, thyroid issues. I was being sent messages, loud and clear, yet continuously I overrode them.

I carried these patterns throughout my 20’s, creating a wondrous yet dysfunctional life for myself, full of colour yet unsustainable to my health and wellbeing. When I discovered this lineage of Yoga, like everything else, I threw myself at it. I saw its depth and wanted to claim that for myself. 

Yet true power, true awakening cannot be forced or grasped. It emerges from within as an expression of our internal wellbeing. 

Journeying intimately with my teacher Caroline has lead me through an ever depending process of awakening. I am required to excavate and surrender previously unconscious patterns of thought and action. My body becomes a map, guiding me to confront and heal my unresolved issues.

Continuously I meet a threshold where I must choose between the comfort of habit and the freedom of greater integrity. 

I realise that what I let go of, sets me free. That beneath stagnant habit, I find spontaneous joy, universal connection and life force. 

The greatest gift are teachings that connect you back to yourself, that empower you to heal, grow and evolve from within. Reminding you, again and again, that everything you need is located inside.

Yoga in the tradition of Vanda Scaravelli, offers us this.

'Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.'