‘Like flowers we send down roots and then turn toward the sun to blossom.’

Vanda Scaravelli

Meet Your Guide

Isobel Garrett

For the past five years I have journeyed through a process of significant awakening, activated by chronic health issues and several intense initiations. 

I have travelled to England, Bali and India seeking teachers to guide my healing. 

I am passionate about honouring the wisdom of yogic lineage yet translating the teachings into a form that empowers feminine spiritually and honours the innate sanctity of body and Earth.

I am writer, poet, gardener, farmer and yogini. My offerings are an expression of an ever deepening connection with my body and a profound love for the wild natural places I call home.


‘When I practice this yoga I feel I can face anything, like I have everything I’ll ever need.
I bring to it my fear, my grief, my confusion. I bring the whole range of my worldly experience onto the mat. I discover a profound intimacy with my body and a tangible awareness of my connection to the Earth. It is a daily homecoming bringing an enduring sense of belonging, safety and power.’

Isobel Garrett

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Sow the Seed offers basic one-to-one tuition with flexible commitment, sessions can be booked weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

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The Flowering Body is a journey of evolution and growth, it is a portal through which you surrender to the innate wisdom of your body and emerge renewed.

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Starting a new practice may be daunting, especially after a time of contraction & isolation

Come and explore your body, as we play, create & learn together

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